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FAQs about Freedom Pilates

Q) How do I book a Pilates class?
A) Book your Space today.

Q) When are the classes? 
A) To see when our classes are available, Please take a look at our Classes Time-Table.

Q) What should I wear? 
A) Loose comfortable bottoms and a fitted top for the Instructor to visualise the movement of the core muscles.

Q) Do I need Experience? 
A) No experience is required as beginners classes are available.

Q) Do I need Pilates Equipment? 
A) All provided free of charge. On your first visit bring a hand towel.

Q) What is the cost per class? 
A) Price for per class is £9

Q) Do I need footwear?
A) No, Pilates practiced barefoot, or with socks.

Q) Can I attend class if I’m Pregnant? 
A) Pregnancy classes available, contact me for information.

Q) Do you offer one to one sessions? 
A) Yes, Please contact me today for more information.

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