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Alignment Therapy

Freedom Pilates are offering Alignment Therapy is a very unique therapy for people who suffer from back, neck, spine, shoulder, knee, hip pain and misalignment. This treatment also includes anxiety, stress, medical conditions, pregnancy, sciatica, over standing and sitting, hip/knee replacement surgery, sports injury or repetitive strain. 

What is Alignment Therapy? 

Alignment therapy is a massage therapy that releases tightness within muscle,  which causes pain in other parts of the body. 

For example, tightness in the muscles causes referral pain, which results in effecting other parts of the body. This can cause sharp, intense and dull ache consistently, affecting the quality of life. 

The results and benefits of Alignment Therapy are longer lasting and you will feel the benefits straight away. 

The benefits are longer lasting than manipulation work from Chiropractic Osteopaths and Physiotherapist. 

The Alignment therapy, also has movements and stretches, to enable further lengthening and strengthening in the muscle. 


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