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Over 50’s Pilates classes

As our bodies age we tend to exercise less, and the less exercise we do, the harder it is to start again. But the older we get, the more important exercise becomes for our wellbeing. 

Problems associated with poor posture, being overweight and poor muscle tone worsen with age, and knock-on effects such as aches and pains, osteoporosis, poor circulation, insomnia, and lack of energy, can become even more problematic. 

The good news is that pilates is a safe form of exercise for all ages and is particularly suitable for people who haven't exercised in a while. 

Pilates In Later Life

Pilates is a gentle form of exercise that won't leave you puffed out and thus avoids placing stress on your heart and lungs.

Working at your own pace, you will build up your stamina, strength and flexibility; stretching, lengthening and strengthening muscles as you do so. And because pilates exercises are performed with precision and control, the risk of injury is greatly reduced too. 

Re-Energise Your Life

The principle objective of pilates is to build abdominal, back and pelvic strength, resulting in body toning and improved posture. 

Many medical experts believe that when the body is balanced with good posture and good core muscle support, the involuntary body functions such as breathing, digestion and bowel function also benefit.

Breathing techniques are also an important part of Pilates, helping the delivery of oxygen to the body as well as boosting your energy levels.

And because a pilates session will leave you feeling relaxed and energised, your mental wellbeing will improve alongside your physical wellbeing. 

Pilates And Arthritis And Osteoporosis

Pilates is especially effective at relieving back pain, joint inflamation, swelling, arthritis, and tension throughout the body. 

After a few sessions your range of movement will increase and you will notice a reduction in swelling and inflamation.

By improving your blood circulation, there are add on benefits such as an improvement in bone density - important not only for those already suffering from osteoporosis, but also for those wishing to avoid it.
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