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I have been attending Shahana’s classes for two years. She is a great teacher; she is dynamic and inspirational; she is warm and welcoming; she is patient and encouraging. Her lesson plans are well structured and she shares her knowledge with you, which is interesting and informative. Her classes are sometimes challenging but always enjoyable.

Susan Westend Glasgow


Pilates with Shahana has restored my strength, stamina and general well-being. My oncologist recommended pilates as part of my recovery post-chemotherapy. Group classes worked well, but having one-to-one sessions with Shahana allowed her to focus on specific exercises tailored to suit me. I also started a programme of superfoods to target healing and strengthening my body. My oncologist has been closely following my progress.

Shahana is an exceptionally talented and knowledgeable pilates instructor. What sets her apart from others, is her ability to connect with you as a person, read your body and its needs and help you achieve well-being beyond anything you could imagine.
I wouldn't have gained the fitness I have done without you. Thank you Shahana.

Carolyn Southside Glasgow


I was advised three years ago to do Pilates, following 6 months of physio. After trying a number of classes, I found myself at Shahana’s class, this changed everything. I now only go to 1:1 sessions with Shahana, which manage my issues better as it’s specific to my needs. My walking as improved, pain has gone, sit more comfortably and I look and physically feel great.

Clare, Southside Glasgow


I wanted to thank Shahana in testimony for introducing me to Superfoods in October 2015. Since I have been taking Wheatgrass, Super Protein my health, well-being, energy levels has all increased immensely. I have noticed a big difference in my hair, nail, skin and a stronger immune system.

This is the first year in a long long time I didn’t get the cold in winter. So for me it's been a win win combination of Superfood , I would highly recommend these to others , especially those how have a weak immune system and feel run down .

My 15 year old son, got extremely ill this year in January and picked up a very bad virus. The doctors eventually sent him to hospital, lots of different tests were done and his bloods were normalising.
This was stressful and worrying. Nothing was helping him at that time, after discussing it with Shahana, she recommended giving him Wheatgrass for 3 months .

He slowly got better and his blood levels normalised. On returning to the hospital, his bloods had started to regress and he is on the path to making a good recovery. For him Wheatgrass did wonders even the doctor encouraged him to keep going with it as they were pleased with his bloods.

This is just my story in how taking Superfoods has helped us in our lives. I recommend Superfoods for everyone.
What do u have to lose ?

Aubren Southside Glasgow

We as a family are all taking Superfoods, my elderly mother 81 years old, takes MSM for bone care, due to arthritis in her legs, which as been very painful for her. The prescribed medication has many side effects, which results in her not taking it. The MSM has allowed her to be pain free and get more movement in her body and increase her energy levels. She has commented positively on physical benefits of MSM. She has a better quality of life now and is taking part in regular exercise.

My husband takes Hemp protein and Wheagrass for good organ health and to stabilise his blood sugar level for Diabetes type 2. He has shown great improvement in energy levels and not requiring support from prescribed medication. He has commented that one teaspoon gives him amazing benefits that medication could never give him, he so impressed with the results. He was recently going on a trip abroad and wouldn’t leave home without his Superfoods tucked safely away in his travel bag!

My daughter, 14 years old, takes Super Protein, Maca and MSM. She had an extreme case of acne, not growing taller and voice not maturing. These health issues had very negative effect on my daughters’ social and personal life.

Shahana discussed the benefit of each Superfood with us in great details. She explained each Superfood in line with all the health concern my daughter experienced. My daughter has now been on the Superfoods for 6 months, with very positive results. The acne has reduced to a very light spots, her hormonal balance has allowed her voice to break and become a little deeper. We are hopeful about the height growth…she will be meausured at the end of July… this space… keeping an eye on it!!

Sam Southside Glasgow